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Hi, I´m Julian Terbuyken, musician and sound designer focussing on animated videos and games. Moreover we can talk about all other kinds of projects as well.

I am very enthusiastic about aural and visual connections. The process of motion pictures becoming alive step by step, when linked with sounds, is like magic.

I studied Communication Design (Bachelor) and Sound (Master) at the Hamburg University for Applied Science.

"Odœje" is a phonetic word invention of my little son, and what´s closer for a sound man than to adopt a term like this..?

Nutia is my artist name when I play as a Dj or a Live Act.

Want to listen to some cozy electro beats while surfing or working?


Try this: |


In all my musical ventures and projects I always try to find exciting ways to create new sounds and noises. Mechanizing certain objects with little motors is a great chance to genarate pretty special sonic events.

Building sound installations is a quite good way to distinguish sounds and objects and put it into a new context.


Curious? Have a look. 

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